Emergence of Storage Solutions to Plummet Intricacies in Data Management

Sanjay Hasija, Country Manager - India, Quantum India & SAARC | Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 05:24 IST

There has been a prompt change in the ways companies manage and use data to draw out profit. Companies are now surmounting the precincts in data management and venturing new ways to safeguard data forever and grant access to it for a long period of time. In the advent of storage solutions increasing the prospect of deduplication in IT, every company is striving to take hold of an enriched pack of storage solutions which can make efficiency effortless, reduce space requirements and trim down complexities.

The data center today has chock full oz“Gen3 Data Protection” in dedupe technology can help to minimize few difficulties in managing unstructured data and help in aligning data value with a workflow based approach. As data is accelerating at a fast rate, Gen3Data Protection is one such way which is towed out from workflow-based approach and can be of merit for rich content like video, audio, and images.

It will be a bit surprising to infer that 60 percent of data dies without getting accessed for a brief period and in most of the cases deletion isn’t a prime solution to manage data. Retaining any form of data before it merges into extinction has now posed as a bigger challenge in IT. Initial cloud solutions had made the companies to get wary because to store copies of backup information, a workflow-based approach with cloud as its component is required. Companies show concern on issues related to portability and in the ways data is being transported with least storage and network resources.

Tackle Back Up Challenges With Deduplication
New solutions which are supple enough to support non-linear workflows yet cost-effective to fit within tight IT budget required for storing and retaining data. As data volumes grow and budgets shrink, backup is often caught in the middle. Concerns with delayed backups, reliability of restores, remote protection, or virtual server backup can be lightened up with data deduplication technology. An efficient dedupe technology hopes to reduce WAN costs and ensure docility for the customers to pick ways for deploying deduplication, either in purpose-built hardware appliances or in virtual appliances, in other words presenting ways to store and protect data for long term.

Virtualization and cloud based DR in IT are the most mature and imperative areas which depend on the relationship between the server and data and VM technology permits the customer to take a print of the VM in a native format irrespective of time. Imparting this up-to-the-minute technology, the customer can freely restore, analyze, access and craft the content according to his/her business needs as his data becomes more portable. Traditional backup has no role to play in archiving video content, offloading static data from primary storage, or in building private cloud infrastructure. Companies now have endeavored to provide viable solutions through its storage technology built to address the vital concerns in storage of data and shield the access for longer periods of time while slimming down TCO.

Storage Solutions To Bridge The Needs Of Future
Solutions swing along with challenges and it will take a while for companies to deploy pool of storage solutions which can allow the customers to create massively scalable self protecting disk archives for near-line storage. Overall, a company’s focus should dwell in cutting down storage costs, Big Data analysis and digital content re-monetization. Companies can get enrolled in core growth strategies by reducing backup infrastructure costs by eliminating backups of ‘static’ primary data. Today, when challenges plague growth, a flexible model can help in allying data value to storage costs and with a streak of right technology at the right point of time will help to trim down complexities of data management. Over the years, Indian organizations have been pounding to acquire the set of storage solutions which can drive growth in the Indian IT industry in a decent manner and can bring gleam to the IT sector in future with promising storage solutions. 

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