iASYS: PVM-An Integration Platform for Seamless Exchange of Engineering Data Across Validation Process!

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 05:33 IST

For enterprises today engaging in product development, product validation is the biggest roadblock as the process absorbs most of the time in the entire product management cycle. This can mainly be attributed to non-standardized data testing processes and the time required in bringing real data into simulation. Addressing this predicament is Pune headquartered iASYS with its unorthodox infrastructure solution, Product Validation Management (PVM).

Product development process has traditionally been controlled by product life cycle management tools (PLM) with focus on collaborative design work done by sharing documents. However, development validation and verification is an area where complexity of engineering data and heterogeneous tools proves cumbersome for the enterprise as it requires work on non compatible data formats, more specifically, adaptation of new products into the existing Management Information System (MIS).

iASYS counters this pain-point by providing PVMsys integration platform, which in its core consists of OSGi based component technology and multilayered architectures. The PVMsys serves as a foundation model based development (MBD) where engineers have the capability to seamlessly amalgamate data from any source and connect the same to the analysis tool of their choice.

“While PLM focuses on macro-level processes, PVM deals with micro-processes which at presently are scattered and follow no standardized data communication,” points out Puran Parekh, CEO & Managing Director at iASYS. iASYS claims to be the first company to target this complex area mainly by leveraging its 15 years of experience in the domain, a proven track record of Global automobile OEMs and an inherent core competency of understanding the validation domain and tools used in the space.

Adding to the advantages is the fact that PVM’s integration platform is based on international standards (ASAM) for managing engineering data.

iASYS believes that through PVM, simulation and the real world can be bought together and cross functional teams can work as one in an integrated system comprising of T-BOM and facility management.

PVM promises to be the next best wave in the validation environment, “as PVM is a scalable framework based infrastructure platform built on component technology (OSGi) and it holds the capability to be extended towards multi location enterprises globally,” adds Puran.

Adopting the PVM way, iASYS claims efficiency can increase by atleast 4-6 percent in the validation process. The PVM phenomenon is bound to provide a clear cost advantage and reduce time to market of products by 19 percent.

Puran, having served for board of directors at the Association for Standardization of Automation & Measuring Systems (ASAM) and somebody who implements these standards globally, believes that his company’s PVM solution will have the same impact on the validation processes as the impact that ERP had on the business processes.
Moving forward, with an outlook towards deploying the best technology, service, and development resources, iASYS believes that its cutting-edge knowledge based engineered solution will help enterprises to bring in better quality, reduce costs, utilize resources judiciously, and build new competencies which will help enterprises in acquiring the best chances to survive in the competitive era and taste more success. 

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