Xpandion: Revamping GRC Management with AI

Moshe Panzer, CEO

C-level executives across the world have woken up to be more receptive to regulatory compliance needs, after a series of public disclosure of data breaches rocked the business world, resulting in serious social and political implications. In the wake of these incidents, regulators have heightened their scrutiny; businesses have to be more careful about their GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) framework to ensure better corporate governance and internal control. A market report by Reuters says, ‘The varying structure of regulatory policies from country to country poses a major challenge to the enterprise governance, risk and compliance market.’ Companies operating at many geographic locations now have to comply with global governance standards and manage multiple regulatory requirements, pertaining to different countries where they are running businesses; failing to do so will not only increase the business risks and complexities, but it will threaten the whole existence of businesses.

Considering these factors, businesses have become more vigilant in assessing risk not only from data breaches, rather any kind of organizational threat emanating from across departments. Businesses have variousdepartments running a number of applications, which contain different processes, policies, technologies and data sources, each of them having its own notion of governance require-ments. These data sources and processes exist in siloes, and to effectively address and comply with all regulatory requirements across departments has been the major pain point for businesses. Addressing this challenge by successfully calibrating the existing organi-zational structure, and understanding the need of mandatory and diverse regulatory compliance, Xpandion proffers its end to end solutions across multi platform (SAP, non-SAP) and multiple systems (ERP, CRM, IAM, etc.)for GRC, IAM, Licensing and Security, solving the diverse governance, risk and compliance needs, and meeting the end business goals of customers.

"Xpandion has created a unique solution that can give a 360 degree view of user lifecycle and help the customer make an informed and strategic business decision"

Xpandion has developed a unique solution in the user monitoring space, through which the company aims to solve GRC challenges by incorporating automation, AI and cloud capabilities in its solution covering 360 degrees of GRC needs.

360 Degree Solution with AI Capabilities
Strengthening internal management over the broad spectrum of organization’s processes, Xpandion’s solution enables enterprises to create better workflows, put enhanced checks on multiple applications, and ensure full compliance of external and internal policies. The company’s solution aims to solve GRC challenges in multiple applications from single point. It monitors and manages the user lifecycle process, narrows down sensitive authori-zations and solves the challenge of efficient user licensing. Commenting on the utility of the company’s GRC solution, Moshe Panzer, CEO of the company says, “Xpandion has created a unique solution that can give a 360 degree view of user lifecycle and help the customer make an informed and strategic business decision.” Keeping up with the time of intelligent business practices, the company incorporates AI capabilities in its GRC system to better evaluate new patterns of fraud, estimate risk and solve complexities with ease. The company aims at saving more of its customer's time by stream-lining processes. It acknowledges that many businesses run their systems written in legacy programming languages like RPG, Cobol etc., which demands a supporting GRC system catering to their needs. Moshe further adds, “Xpandion with its AI capabilities aims to add more connectors to business applications including legacy systems and home grown applications, giving an organization the capability to monitor and control older systems in a modern way.”

Revamping Authorization Control for a better Security Mechanism
Businesses, to exercise better control over their security mechanisms follow employees’ authorization control to determine their access and privileges to employees at different levels. The authorization control is mandated under several regulatory policies covering all system and user resources. It becomes imperative to abide by the authorization control regulations as it provides immunity against possible business risk, saving valuable resources. However, the process of compliance can be time consuming and arduous for the management. Xpandion, with its relevant
experience, has over the years tried to create different variations of processes in line with each organization’s needs.

Committed to relieve organizations of such taxing duty, the company proffers its solution - Profile Tailor Dynamics Suite combining four factors: multi-platform, cloud abilities, usage and AI to smoothly and efficiently manage the authorization review process.

Using this solution, organizations can review employee authorizations from different applications in a single view, saving a huge amount of time for managers. The AI capabilities in the access review process enable the system to take intelligent decisions regarding employee authorizations, even before it is populated for approval or removal by the manager. This allows managers to focus only on the relevant authorizations in their review. In addition, the summary reports that are provided after the process are audit ready. Commenting on the mechanism of the solution to better help management, Moshe explains, “Adding usage to each review enables Xpandion to give recommendations on authorizations, meaning if an employee did not use permission in the last year, Xpandion will recommend for it to be removed.”

"Xpandion with its AI capabilities aims to add more connectors to business applications including legacy systems and home grown applications, giving an organization the capability to monitor and control older systems in a modern way"

Segregation of Duties (SoD) is another important aspect of any business workflow to stop abuse of authority and put a check on fraudulent activities in an organization. It is thus one of the founda-tional controls in an effective GRC program. Xpandion in its SoD module provides real-time data on the violations of segregation of duties and subsequently sends alerts to the managers; in case the alert is not addressed immediately the SoD tool escalates alerts. The tool can also find dynamic SoD violations to pinpoint exact personnel violating rules by real time usage. These alerts can be customized according to each organization and their needs. Moshe says, “The tool has out-of-the box capabilities for fraud detection as part of our SoD umbrella. New technology allows us to automatically identify new activities and authorizations that were open in production systems and classify them into SoD rules (automatically), and score activities dynamically according to severity level pertaining to the organization.”

Similarly, Protecting Personnel Data, Which Is Sensitive, Is Of Paramount Importance For Companies. HR Compliance Face Difficulties Due To Complex Solutions Which Fail To Notify On The Status Of Authorizations. Addressing This Problem Is Xpandion HCM Auditor, Enabling Organizations To Track Access To Personal Information To Track Any Kind Of FraudulentActivity. HCM Auditor Has The Capabilities To Immediately Report Any Unusual Or Unaccepted Activity In Real Time.

Hosting GRC Solution at an affordable cost
Availing hosted solutions allow customers to focus on their business needs rather than IT management. However, businesses differ on the hosting of a solution, based on their specific requirements around accessibility, time, cost etc. Xpandion provides them with the choice to select the best option which perfectly suits their business equire-ments. The GRC solution is available both onpremise and cloud, where both have the advantage of easy implementation plans. Deploying GRC activities and solutions in the cloud assists organizations to achieve holistic and efficient GRC operations by better enabling enterprise-wide, real-time data analysis, efficient and on-demand delivery of GRC solutions and interfaces, and cost-effective, high-performance computing infrastructure to drive strategic advantage. Xpandion provides two options for hosted solutions: secured multi tenant cloud and dedicated private cloud. The multi tenant cloud is for a standard set of services including multi platform SoD inspections, alerts, access review and automation providing a cost effective way to achieve full compliance with regulations. While the private cloud offers full abilities and customizations providing tailored functionalities and a higher level of efficiency.

Making Clients Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges
Businesses expect from their GRC solution partners to have a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements, know their business goals and support them throughout their journey. Conforming to customer’s demands, Xpandion acts as a solutions partner helping clients reach their business goals, providing them a user-friendly and customizable solution.

The company has an in-house development department which enables it to take suggestions and requests fromits clients and do necessary changes immediately in order to fully customize the solution catering to customer’s specific needs. Sharingh is business mantra to have happy and satisfied clients, Moshe tells us, “Because of our extremely talented and cutting edge R&D department, our customers are able to benefit much. They are receiving today the answers to tomorrow’s questions. We find that customers truly appreciate this aspect.”